September 22, 2014

A few weeks ago, before H.E. even existed, I took a stroll along the Distillery District in Toronto with my very favourite creator, Kevin Allwood – editor in chief and founder of KA Magazine and of course, my most loved hunk of a man. He is also the most creative fashion designer I know for his long time brand NEVIK – which he began in 1986.  I actually began working for NEVIK 10 years ago as an assistant designer and this is where the story all began…for another time I suppose.

Although his clothing was always produced locally (in Montreal), after 5 years of rest – he has decided come back into Ready To Wear with a little something different. Kevin Allwood is a devout buddhist, vegan, philanthropist and he has chosen to use his incredible talents to create a collection of Vegan, Organic, Natural pieces that are ohhh so comfy to wear. The most beautiful part is that all the items are made and sewn by a small team in his beautiful sun-filled Atelier in Montreal. Atelier Kevin Allwood is now launching 3 separate lines. The first called “Haute Gamme”, a brand of exquisite poor-on-me couture and bridal gowns. The second “Pret-a-porter”, a high end womenswear pieces that make any woman want to drool and leave with the entire wardrobe…and “Ligne Verte” the fully eco-chic collection inspired by yours truly. I am so excited.

Back to the photos, these were taken while we were chatting a wonderful saturday morning. I am wearing a floor length bamboo hemp organic cotton fitted dress, an organic cotton knit sweater and a vegan croco shoulder bag. The items are not yet sold online, but soon will be! And of course I will be the first to know when. Cant wait.

Atelier Kevin Allwood :

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