Holistic Editor is a webspace I have decided to bring to life. It is a place of beauty, of good vibes – completely fuelled by my love of design, fashion and living mindfully.

I am a vegetarian since 2007 and vegan for 2 years – and have also recently delved into the world of “raw”. Oh how I love this journey of life, so much to learn and discover far beyond what the general construct leads us to believe… Enough of what I eat though, and onto what I do. Well, I am the Editorial Director of KA MAGAZINE and CITYGUIDE MAGAZINE, as well as the co-founder and creative director of ALLWOOD AGENCY.  I am also a devoted mama of a wonderful young daughter and wife of a genius creative mind.

I have made the choice of living a holistic natural lifestyle as much as I possibly can – and the more life unfolds, the more I see that natural is the only way to live. I am on a mission to discover all the very best brands and creatives around the world who also believe as I do : That Natural & Holistic can be incredibly Fashionable and Luxurious – This is the Future.

To connect, feel free to email hello@holisticeditor.com