September 10, 2019

Nothing is more beautiful than a natural face. So before you apply any makeup, remember to keep hydrated, eat clean and keep a positive mind.  Good vibes.

I used to wear loads of makeup, especially foundation. I don’t know what I was thinking back then (about 10 years ago), but I must have been “covering something up”. Since I delved into the natural world, one step at a time, I realized that beauty radiates from the inside out, not the other way around. Instead, I began focusing on what I was putting in my body, and what was in my mind, not so much what (and how much) I put on my face! As a woman, this is a hard thing to do, we are so brainwashed with makeup and how women are more beautiful with paint on their face, than without. Even my four year old daughter plays with Barbie’s now, and yes, loads of makeup on these dolls too. Just goes to show, the miss-education starts there.  

I now know how important it is to keep up the practice in all areas of life, that less (and better quality) is always more.  So many women don’t realize the toxicity levels in the regular makeup and beauty products. My general rule is: “If it’s in the pharmacy, don’t buy it.” Instead, head to your local health store, or go online and get some online shopping done. A few great websites to purchase natural makeup from are (Canada), (US) and (UK).

A few basics, we need a good clean foundation. Try the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation, which is now available in 7 shades. The feeling of the foundation is silky smooth and also moisturizes the skin at the same time as beautifies. Ingredients include Sweet Almond Seed Oil: A natural emollient used to moisturize and promote skin elasticity. Coconut Oil: A natural moisturizer for the skin. Jojoba Seed Oil: Rich in fatty acids, which promote skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging.

Now, moving on to a great blush or bronzer. To match the foundation, I suggest using Kjaer Weis’ Cream Blush.  This product goes on beautifully when applied with the fingers, especially gently dabbed on the apple of the cheek. The cream blush is fresh and again, deeply moisturizes the skin.

Adding on another basic now is some good eye-colour! I love the RMS Beauty cream eye polish, it is so luxurious and light!  There are 7 gorgeous tints and the coconut oil in this product just feels amazing.

A great toxin-free eyelash beautifier is ILIA’s Nightfall Mascara. ILIA’s mascaras reference the film noir era. Sultry eyes meet strength and determination There are four shades of mascara, Nightfall being the darkest black.

Now for lips! It is hard to choose, as all three brands, ILIA, RMS and Kjaer Weis all have great lip products. Try the ILIA Lipstick which comes in 13 shades.  ILIA Lipstick combines organic ingredients with contemporary colors blended into a creamy semi-matte finish. I also love the RMS Lipshine, which is a silky smooth and nourishing lip colour. Due to its natural fatty acids, vitamin A and C properties, these lip shines provide extracellular antioxidant protection. Combined with nourishing organic oils and pure mineral pigments, this exotic formula is highly emollient and visibly hydrating. Finally, I suggest you definitely try the Kjaer Weis Lip Tint, a luxurious and soft colour which is infused with nourishing shea butter, keeping lips deeply moisturized all day.

These are a few of my favourite products which are healthy to wear and will leave you feeling amazing. Nothing is more beautiful than a natural face. So before you apply any makeup, remember to keep hydrated, eat clean and keep a positive mind.  Good vibes.

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