November 25, 2014

As I come from a fashion design background, I have seen first-hand how clothing is produced, and the supply chain from conception to completion. There is an incredible lack of “love” put into the garments we wear that are mass produced, and this is in reference to local factories, I can only dare to imagine the truth about the millions of sweatshops overseas.  More and more designers are choosing to produce their fashion in an ethical way. This means their selection of materials, production standards, and actually having the well-being of the customer in mind (wow what an amazing thought!).  But what about the men and women who are producing the products? The ones sitting behind the sewing machines day-in and day-out (sometimes children)… Do we ever really think about them? 

Stella McCartney has been a soldier for for change in the fashion industry for years, as she has chosen to use completely cruelty-free materials for her entire collection (vegan) and produce ethically from start to finish. She is also a committed activist empowering women globally.  The Stella McCartney brand is definitely one of the best vegan and eco-conscious luxury brands in the Fashion Industry today.

Stella McCartney recently launched the Noemi Tote. A small collection of hand bags made ethically in Nairobi, Kenya as a part of the International Ethical Fashion Initiative. The project enables artisans and small manufacturers (mostly women) to grow and develop local creativity and empower female employment around the world.  This initiative is not about giving out money hand-outs, it is about generating ethical employment and building towards a better future for the workers, families, cities and countries involved. In this case, The Noemi Tote by Stella McCartney should definitely be on the top of any woman’s Christmas list. Watch the video for inspiration. 

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