November 15, 2014

As the world evolves and people become more and more conscious of the impact every single little choice leaves on our personal wellbeing as well as our planet, we are also blessed to find many new eco brands being born every day.  For us who are constantly on the look-out for new conscious brands to support – this one is definitely one to keep an eye on. I recently discovered Cossac, a new sustainable and eco fashion brand based out of the UK.  Founded and designed by Agatha Natalia Kozak, Cossac is a line that is created out out of the pure desire to offer clothing that is made sustainably, cruelty-free and organic. Fabrics are sourced carefully to have the lowest environmental impact possible, and be the most natural (toxin-free) for the wearer. Garments are manufactured in the UK, India and Africa – using production facilities that treat workers fairly and receive wages that are equal to their work. The Cossac team visits the factories to ensure this promise is kept at all times, and we can rest assured that the clothing is made ethically from start to finish.  I received first-hand the “Time is Now” cropped-top last week, (with soft organic African cotton produced ethically in Tanzania) which reminds me of a quote from the Buddha which I have on my wall “There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now.”   Read on for the interview with founder Agatha Natalia Kozak.

How did it happen – the moment you just got up and decided that you would launch this new eco-conscious collection : Cossac.

I have been working as a fashion designer for 5 years now and I always have wanted to have my own brand. But I wanted it to be different to any other fashion brand there is. I wanted my brand to support a right cause and spark the change in the way fashion is perceived. It wasn’t a spontaneous move; it has been growing in me and I have been planning it more seriously for the last 1.5 year. I like to believe that it was a mature, thought-through and serious decision.. same qualities I want COSSAC to have

What about your lifestyle has inspired your overall philosophy about fashion.

I have always been quite aware of the environment I lived in. I’m trying my best to stay up to date with all news and global changes we have been facing for the last decades. I as a world citizens feel partially responsible for the planet. I do believe that sustainable growth is the only way forward in economy and all designs disciplines. As a fashion designer I wanted to include my believes in my first brand; what is better than doing something you love and on top of that make a positive contribution to the society and our future?

How do you feel Cossac will impact the world of ethical and socially conscious fashion and design.

I want to change the way people perceive high street fashion and the way they feel about eco fashion. High street fashion doesn’t have to be wasteful and over produced; it can be fair trade (respecting workers right and promoting organic materials) and the whole supply chain and production can be made sustainable.

When it comes to eco fashion it’s often associated with certain subcultures which are not very appealing to trend orientated mainstream consumers. I also see that people are often ’scared’ or intimidated by eco fashion as it all sounds very serious. I want to change the way people perceive sustainable fashion. I want to prove that eco clothes can be cool and ‘easy’. I want to educate the future customers to be able to make responsible consumer choices while staying eco, yet trendy

Why the use of only black and white to start.

I decided to go with black and white/natural palette as these colours are the most natural and the least harming to the environment (in COSSAC we want to make sure that all dyes used are eco friendly and have reduced chemical and water usage). Monochrome colours also went well with my minimalistic mood for AW 14 collection and it emphasised the simplicity I wanted all garments to have. I do not say ‘NO’ to more bright colours.. but you will have to stay tuned and wait for the SS 15 collections; we have broaden our suppliers database and are looking forward to introducing a wider fabric and colour range very soon

What is your take on the current market for such a niche product.

I think eco fashion is growing in popularity but it’s not mainstream yet; we want to help it becoming mainstream. We want to be pioneering is establishing sustainable fashion position on the high street market. Once there are more cool/trendy eco brands, like COSSAC, more people will be likely to try it; it’s all about the right promotion and approach.

You’ve now launched the online shop, what’s next for Cossac.

I have chosen online shop as the mean to sell my products as it’s the most sustainable form of commerce. I would love to start collaborating with other similar platforms (e.g.: Boy names Sue from Hong Kong) in order to promote eco fashion and of course COSSAC. I have very exciting plans for our brand. I’m already planning collaborations with fellow artists, students and even other start ups. In future I also want to promote eco awareness through education in school/seminars, etc. Future looks so exciting and it’s ECO HOT.

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